Self_220 2_edited.png

I am

A resourceful self-starter. People-centered in life, design, and everything.

A book club organizer, an almost-lawyer, and a dance machine. Energetic and frequently smiling. Ready for trivia at a moment's notice.

I'm good at

Talking to strangers. Thinking through Options B, C, and Z (just in case). Taking risks. Remembering people’s names. Figuring out how to solve a problem through a combination of intuition, persistence, and research.

design pov

I enjoy focusing on the finicky details that breathe life into the larger vision.

I'm seeking problems to solve and worlds to imagineer and construct.


Experiential Design. Visual Design. Emerging Technology. 3D Modeling. Retail Environments. Interaction Design. Prototyping. Presentations.


Sketch. Adobe Suite. Cinema 4D. Final Cut Pro. InVision. Keynote. 

Curiosity. Resourcefulness. Empathy.

my space


I created these scenes of my living room to invite you into my world in the most figuratively literal sense. I crafted them in Cinema 4D and made each one slightly different, depending on the theme of the page. 

They're also a light demonstration of my strength: world-building, crafting the atmosphere in which a concept or a brand is expressed most fully. I hope these tableaus give you a sense of who I am.